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Your blogger with OK-AJW, a former Slovak air force Aero L-29 Delfín that currently flies on the Czech civil register. This picture was taken at Brno, Czech Republic in 2019.
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I started this blog in 2012 with the simple purpose of appreciating preserved aircraft whether they are part of museum collections, stand alone examples or still flying. Both civil and military types from a variety of eras are featured here.

I prefer to present the aircraft in the context of the human relationship with them. What led us to create each of them, how did each one develop over its lifetime, what did each of them enable humans to do and so forth. I find the human connection much more compelling and engaging to read than an endless stream of dates and statistics that is all too often alienating and meaningless to a large percentage of people it is presented to.

To that end, I put the focus of my articles on the designers and aviators who brought the aircraft to life and the trials and tribulations they endured in doing so. I also give space to advances in aeronautical science that the individual aircraft may have contributed to, be they a new performance record for the aircraft class or a complete watershed event in technology.

The end goal of each entry you find here is to provide you with an informative article that is written with the general interest audience in mind first and formost and will pique your interest to learn more about a particular aircraft on your own if you choose to. As such, each article includes links to further reading on the subject aircraft.

For widest accessibility and enjoyment, I strive to keep my articles free of technobabble, socio-political biases or hyperbole of any sort.

Appreciating aircraft is what Pickled Wings is all about

About Me

My name is Kevan and I’m a Canadian expat who’s been calling Brno, the Czech Republic’s second largest city, home since 2004.

Both my motherland and my adoptive homeland share rich aviation histories so, as someone with a passion for things with wings, I feel very privileged to be connected to both lands.

Please bear in mind that I have no professional connections to aviation, research or photography and I approach this blog and it’s content with that in mind.

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As I derive no income from this website and all photos are taken by me unless otherwise noted, I ask that you please credit “Pickled Wings” if you choose to share a photo from this website.