“Flying to Norway, Grounded in Burma”

The author, Goronwy ‘Gron’ Edwards DFC,  became a tremendously experienced pilot in the RAF during the Second World War and his personal flight log included a wider variety of aircraft than many other pilots could lay claim to having flown. This experience is well covered through the length and breadth of the book, the reader is given respectable and accessible insight into the flying qualities af several machines.

One thing that sets this book apart from a lot of books about the RAF during the period is that it covers aspects of RAF activities in Coastal Command and operations in India and Burma. If you want to read RAF stories that don’t centre on Fighter Command and Bomber Command operations in the European Theatre, this is a very good book to consider.

Edwards started his RAF flying career in Coastal Command flying Avro Ansons and then Lockheed Hudsons, both less written about aircraft types. The author gives very good insight into working and flying with both types as well as taking the Hudson into combat against German aircraft and shipping.

From Coastal Command, Edwards spent a bit of time as in instructor at a navigational school before qualifying as a Specialist Armament Officer and being posted to India and Burma. this section of the book gives a good overview of what operations in Burma could be like.

The Author’s writing style has a very good balance of humour and poignancy and is quite accessible to the general interest reader as well as being satisfying to the more informed reader on the subject.

I can’t recommend this one enough.

You can find it available in both hardcover and electronic versions: