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Good Information, in Good Formation

I’m certainly not the only one in cyberspace blogging about aviation and my reasons for blogging on the subject are not the same as everyone else’s.

On this page, I present a selection of other aviation related blogs that I enjoy reading. Each has their own unique angle and style. Some of them you may recognise from the reference links I put at the end of some of my own blog articles.

Solent Aviatrix
The Solent is the strait the separates the Isle of Wight from the British mainland. In aviation history, it is best known as the homeground of the legendary Supermarine aviation company and birthplace of many classic flying boats, Schneider Trophy winning air racers and the immortal Spitfire. Less known is that the area was also the homeground of many legendary female flyers, such as Lettice Curtis and Jackie Moggridge, who made names for themselves in the high risk job of ferrying aircraft in the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA). Solent Aviatrix was created to remember these and other women pilots originating from the Solent area:

The Java Gold Blog
This is a Second World War oriented blog with a distinctively Dutch slant. It contains a great deal of well researched information on both military and civil aviation in the Dutch East Indies during the war. There are some very good articles about some rare types of aircraft used by the Dutch in servicing and defending their colonial holdings in the region at the time:

Free Czechoslovak Air Force
Run by the son of one of the many Czechoslovak pilots who flew for the Royal Air Force during WWII, this bilingual Czech/English blog is a phenomenal wealth of information about those men, their actions and fates:

Aviation Trails
A fascinating and nostalgic blog exploring what’s left, often not much, of historic Royal Air Force airfields:

Geoff Goodall’s Aviation History Site
This website, run by a retired air traffic controller, is a tremendous resource on civil aviation types in Australia. The subject matter is primarily general aviation and warbirds:

Travel for Aircraft
This blog puts its focus on travelling to visit aircraft in museums or wherever they may be preserved. It’s full of top notch writing and great photography. As it is an American based blog, the bulk of the information is about American museums. However, there is also a section on museums the blogger has visited outside the USA:

Aces Flying High
Run by an Australian who mixes his passion for aviation and travel, this blog features articles on aviation museums and airshows plus much more from wherever the blogger travels:

Achtung, Skyhawk!
An engagingly written blog with a focus on general aviation in Croatia and the former Yugoslavia:

The Aviationist
Run by Rome based journalist and former Italian air force pilot, David Cenciotti, this is a very thorough and authoritative blog on matters of modern military aviation from a well qualified and widely respected voice:

Home Page

Shortfinal’s Blog
While this blog has not been updated in a while, the articles which are there are still very much worth a look:

Jet & Prop by FalkeEins
An aviation enthusiast blog that’s been running since 2009. This blog covers a wide range of aviation subject matter from historical to contemporary and has many interesting historical photographs to view:

Pacific Paratrooper
This blog has a primary focus on WWII Pacific Theatre subject mater and sometimes features aviation related articles in that vein:

Aviation Photography by Michal Hergott
Though not frequently updated, this a is a great aviation photography blog featuring airshows and museums from a variety of locations: