“Out of the Blue Too”

Edited by: Ian Cowie, Dim Jones and Chris Long
Halldale Media Group (2014)

This is the follow up volume to “Out of the Blue”. As with the first book, it covers the post World War Two and Cold War years of the RAF quite well and gives a decent cross section of the different aircraft types and changes in life in the RAF through that period.

However, this book lacks a certain focus that the first one had. While the first one had solidly aircraft and active duty stories at the heart of it, several of the stories in this second volume seem only tenuously connected with either. Additionally, some of the stories in the second book go on a bit longer than necessary and could have benefited from a bit tighter editing.

Despite the shortcomings, I still recommend this one. As with the first volume, it was published with the intent that the proceeds from sales go to the RAF Benevolent Fund and other British military veteran charities.

It can be purchased through the RAF Benevolent Fund website:
Out of the Blue Too