Letňany Open Day 2014

September 6, 2014 was the annual open day of Prague’s historic Letňany airport. In its 90 year history, this airport has been the site of many historic events in Czech aviation and served as an early home for legendary Czech aviation firms Avia and Letov.

The event was a small, laid back and primarily civilian affair with a strong focus on vintage and replica aircraft. Here’s just a sampling of what was there:

Letnany 1
Mráz M.1C Sokol; one of Czechoslovakia’s first post WWII domestically produced aircraft.
Letnany 2
M.1 Sokol in flight. Only two or three remain airworthy today.
Letnany 3
Full scale Avia Bh.1 replica.
Letnany 4
Boxy but highly entertaining.
Letnany 5
Orličan L-60 Brigadýr with radial engine.
Letnany 6
L-60 Brigadýr with inline engine.
Letnany 6
Tatra T.101 replica
Letnany 6
T.101 reflecting in the sun.
Letnany 9
Přikryl-Blecha PB-6 Racek replica.
Praga E.114 Air Baby
Letnany 11
Polikarpov Po-2 in from Slovenia.
Letnany 12
Beech 18 recently moved to the Czech Republic from the UK.

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