Oldtimer Weekend, 2018

September 8th and 9th of 2018 saw the annual Oldtimer Weekend event hosted by the Medlánky Aeroklub at their airport in the northern suburbs of Brno, Czech Republic.

I attended on the 8th and was treated to a good day of vintage soaring against an Autumn backdrop.

Aside of the vintage gliders, there were also some vintage general aviation types on hand.

It seemed odd to have a Czech vintage glider exhibition without a single Let L-13 Blaník to be seen anywhere. Despite the notable absence of an L-13, it was a good day out.

First to catch my attention after I arrived was this Schneider Grunau Baby II. It looked like a freshly built example; the woodwork was stunning and I wish my camera could have shown it in all its glory.
Looking towards the airport hangars and tower as the gliders start making their way towards the runway to begin flying activities.
One of two Aerotechnik L-13SE Vivat aircraft on hand for the day. The Vivat is a motorised variaton of the L-13 Blaník.
The Aeroklub’s Piper Pawnee tows an L-23 Super Blaník aloft. The L-23 was an improved variation of the L-13 Blaník. The Super Blaník debuted in 1988.
The Let LF-109 Pionýr comes in to land with the morning mist still present. The Pionýr is a Czech training glider design that first flew in 1950.
The rare Letov LF-107 Luňák in the midst of some aerobatics and living up to its nickname of “engineless fighter”
The morning light pouring through the translucent fabric sections of the Baby II’s wings.
This 1944 vintage Piper J3 Cub was on hand and giving rides.
This Orličan L-60 Brigadýr went up a number of times to drop skydivers.
The one of a kind VSB-62 Vega. A Czech design dating to 1962 of which only one was ever built.
One of two Scheibe Bergfalke III gliders at the event heads skyward. The Bergfalke family of gliders dates to 1951.
One of two Zlín Tréner types present during the event. This Z-126 was heading towards the runway to depart the airfield.