“Voodoo Warriors: The Story of the McDonnell Voodoo Fast-jets”

Voodoo Warriors: The Story of the McDonnell Voodoo Fast-jets
By: Nigel Walpole
Pen and Sword (2007)

The Author, Nigel Walpole, is a retired RAF jet pilot who spent part of his career flying the RF-101C reconnaissance variant of the F-101 Voodoo jet while on assignment to the USAF. As such, he has a direct connection to the F-101 aircraft and many fellow pilots who flew it as well as a career spent flying a variety of other fast jets. Certainly a very qualified voice to speak on the subject.

Owing to Mr. Walpole’s own experience with the aircraft, the focus of the book leans heavily toward the reconnaissance variants and day to day operations with them both at home in the U.S.A and in the Vietnam conflict. However, towards the end, some space is given to other variants of the F-101 for balance.

I enjoyed every moment spend reading this book. Mr. Walpole writes with just the right balance to satisfy those with more technical knowledge of the subject as well as those with a general interest; as such, this book is technical enough to be credible and plain spoken enough to not be exclusive. I highly recommend this book for any fan of Cold War aviation, the F-101 aircraft specifically or aviation in general who wishes to be informed on the subjects by a qualified source but not overwhelmed by alienating techno babble.