Czechoslovak Historic Flight – Keeping the Past Aloft

Avia BH-1 replica at Čáslav in 2011.
Avia BH-1 replica at Čáslav in 2011.

Preserving a Proud Past

The former Czechoslovakia and the present Czech Republic have been making significant contributions to aviation almost since the dawn of powered flight. In many cases, designs originating from this small country’s design tables were pioneering and revolutionary in comparison to their contemporaries from other countries. Companies such as Avia, Aero, Letov, Beneš-Mraz, Praga, Let, Zlín and several others have rightly given this country a world class aviation industry to be proud of over the years.

Fittingly, aviation is a popular activity in the Czech Republic and the country has many flying clubs and organizations. One particular group, the Czechoslovak Heritage Flight is dedicated to the preservation of Czech vintage aircraft. it’s not at all unusual to see one or more of their aircraft at events in the Czech Republic and sometimes even beyond Czech borders.

Replication and Preservation

Avia BH-5 Replica at Pardubice in 2010
Avia BH-5 Replica at Pardubice in 2010

The Czechoslovak Historic Flight, based in Prague, operates a fleet of twelve airworthy vintage aircraft; ten of those aircraft are preserved originals while the other two are faithful replicas built to original plans using original procedures.

These two replicas, an Avia BH-1 from 1920 and it’s follow on BH-5, are probably the two most recognized aircraft in the flight’s inventory. The boxy, ungainly appearance of these two aircraft belie machines of surprisingly nimble performance which were constructed using quite revolutionary methods for the time period. These two aircraft are eye catchers wherever they go.

The flight maintains several other aircraft from other eras of flight, including a number of variants of the world famous Zlín Z-26 training and aerobatics aircraft.

Learning more

Zlín 526M at Pardubice in 2013
Zlín 526M at Pardubice in 2013

The flight has accomplished a great deal since it was established in 2000. For more information of the group and its activities and aircraft, a visit to their website is highly recommended:

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