Pardubice Aviation Fair, 2016

A pair of Pardubice based Aero L-39 Albatros trainers take off in preparation for the show’s opening flypast.

May 28 and 29 of 2016 bring us this year’s annual edition of the Pardubice Aviation Fair. A largely civilian event, with heavy emphasis on the vintage end of things; this year’s edition was no different.

The weather was mostly sunny and hot, so heat distortion was an issue in photo taking, though we did get a downpour of rain towards the end of the show in the late afternoon on the 28th.

Here’s a sampling of was was on hand on the day:

A very rare example of an airworthy Mráz M-1 Sokol. The Sokol was designed in secret during the Second World War and was Czechoslovakia’s first post war aircraft.
An example of the immortal Douglas Dakota made an appearance.
This Catalina flying boat came in from the UK.
Red Bull seems to be bringing more machines to the event every year. This former Luftwaffe Alpha Jet trainer was part of their contribution this year.
A Spitfire takes off for a performance early in the show.
A Czechoslovak interwar product, the Beneš-Mráz Be-50 Beta Minor was first flown in 1935.
This Mil Mi-24/35 Hind was part of the small modern military flight display.
This flypast from a Yakovlev Yak-40 was a welcome sighting of an increasingly rare aircraft type in European skies.
A Messerschmitt Me-262 fighter returning to the flight line after a spirited performance.
The Catalina was joined by a Grumman Avenger.
The Avenger, moments before landing.