Pardubice Aviation Fair, 2014

Wings from All Eras

On May 31, I travelled to the central Czech city of Pardubice for their annual Aviation Fair. It’s usually a quite varied event with themed sections featuring aircraft from all different eras of aviation, this year was no different:

PAF 2014 1
A Pardubice based L-410 Turbolet was part of the show opening fly past.
PAF 2014 2
World War One was represented by a group of replica fighters.
PAF 2014 3
Fokker Triplane
PAF 2014 4
Fokker Eindecker
PAF 2014 5
PAF 2014 6
Buckers for the interwar.
PAF 2014  7
Stearman for the interwar too.
PAF 2014 8
Czechoslovak Spitfire
PAF 2014 9
A very bright Harvard
PAF 2014 10
The Harvard lets it hang!
PAF 2014 11
A bright shiny Mustang
PAF 2014 12
A Yakovlev in from Germany.
PAF 2014 13
Douglas DC-6
PAF 2014 14
Like a mirror with wings!
PAF 2014 15
A Bell 47 representing Vietnam War aircraft
PAF 2014 16
A T-28 Trojan also appeared in the Vietnam conflict section.
PAF 2014 17
A pair of Mil Mi-171 helicopters made things modern.
PAF 2014 18
One of two Mi-171 in a rescue demo
PAF 2014 19
Formation fun with the Flying Bulls
PAF 2014 20
A pair of L-39 Albatros trainers

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