The Last Czechoslovak RAF Airman Turns 100

The legendary Supermarine Spitfire fighter, flown by many of the Czechoslovak pilots in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War.

Last of the 2500

In 1939, after Germany occupied Czechoslovakia, many Czechs and Slovaks left their homeland to fight against Germany in Allied militaries.

Over 2500 Czechs and Slovaks bolstered the ranks of the Royal Air Force.

The last known living of the Czechs and Slovak airmen who joined the Royal Air Force, General Emil Boček, will mark his 100th birthday on February 25 of 2023.

Congratulations, General, and thank you.

Today, Radio Prague published this article about the General and his service.

Remembrance and Reflection

If you’ve been following Pickled Wings for a while, you may also be familiar with my other website, Beyond Prague, and the article about the Czechoslovak RAF airmen I have there. If not, please spare a bit of time to visit it.

If you want to know more about the Czechoslovak airmen and their stories, you’ll do no better than a visit to the Free Czechoslovak Air Force website. It is a rich resource for anyone who wants to know more about these airmen.

One thought on “The Last Czechoslovak RAF Airman Turns 100

  1. The Spit has a magical place in Britain’s history. I get misty-eyed whenever I see one – particularly if it is flying. I am not sure that people in the UK appreciate how many aircrew from overseas – many of them leaving their occupied homelands to fight the Nazis – served in the RAF. In any event, Happy Birthday General Emil Boček – have a great day and, in the cause of freedom, thank you.

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