Pushing the Throttles a Bit

A Few More Updates

June and July were a good months for aviation related events and updates.

In late June, I had the pleasant surprise of seeing an L-60 Brigadýr stop by one of my local airports.

At the start of July, I attended the very enjoyable air day in Břecláv, Czech Republic. In the middle of the month, a couple of weeks of holidays took me into the vicinity of the Methodius Vlach Air Museum in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic.

Today, I made updates to the following articles:

Zlín Trenér Series: This article got mostly new pictures and a significant overhaul to the text in the section dealing with variants of the aircraft family. I also checked and revised the links.

Zlín/Let Z-37 Čmelák: I gave this article a partial refreshment of photos.

Orličan L-60 Brigadýr: This article got a partial refreshment of pictures and some minor text revisions towards the end.

Zlín Z-50: I gave this article partial refreshment of photos.

Extra 300: I gave this article a couple of new photos.

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