Pardubice Aviation Fair – 2022 Edition

A Great Show is Back on Track

After a couple of years delay due to COVID restrictions, the Aviation Fair in Pardubice was back on in 2022 on May 28 and 29.

I attended on May 28, The weather was variable but I managed some decent shots on the day:

4 thoughts on “Pardubice Aviation Fair – 2022 Edition

  1. Good to see air shows active again. Looks like you had nice weather. That’s a very smart Enstrom in Czech markings!

    1. It’s indeed good to have shows coming back. Pardubice is a great show for the amount of vintage stuff there and how close you can get to the flight line action. The Enstrom is a smark looking helicopter in Czech markings, the flight school started taking them on a few years ago to eventually replace the Mi-2. The school is a civilian contractor that takes care of all the basic flight training of Czech air force pilots as well as pilots from some other air forces.

  2. Great that you could get so many upclose shots while still not having other spectators within the photos. That chopper with the tiger has a cool set of graphics.

    1. The Pardubice show is quite well set up for getting up close to the aircraft. There’s a single waist-high fence with the aircraft on one side and the crowd on the other, so it’s easy enough to lean over the fence for a shot and get only a minimum, if any, crowd in the frame. A lot of other shows have the aircraft individually fenced off and the crowd can walk all around them. Part of why Pardubice does it the way they do is that the static park and flight line are the same thing, so most of the aircraft in these pictures split their time between sitting on the ground and performing.

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