An Afternoon of Spotting

August 30 of 2021 saw me out at Brno’s Tuřany airport. I hadn’t been out there for a while, partly because COVID had significantly slowed things down at Tuřany and partly because Brno’s other airport, Medlánky, is within walking distance of where I live and has generally been more active in recent months.

That said, the afternnoon I spent at Tuřany on August 30 was time well spent. I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

2 thoughts on “An Afternoon of Spotting

  1. Aircraft movement remain limited in Australia due to all our Covid restrictions.
    I also took my camera down to our local airport in late August, for the first time since Covid arrived. Your image with the plane in sunlight and dark cloudy background came out well. What’s the twin engine pusher aircraft?

    1. We had some small storms in the area, so clouds were quite variable and mixed with sun. The twin pusher is a Piaggio P.180 Avanti, I quite like the look of them though they are rare in these parts. They sound like a swarm of angry wasps because the engine exhaust blows right through the propellors and the props have the same effect on the exhaust noise as a desk fan has on your voice when you speak into it. 😀

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