Medlánky Oldtimers Weekend – 2020 Edition

September 5 and 6 of 2020 mark the annual Oldtimers Weekend at Medlánky airfield in Brno Czech Republic.

The weather was beautiful and there was a good selection of vintage sailplanes and general aviation aircraft on view.

With the COVID crisis of 2020, many famous airshows around the world have been cancelled, including a couple I regularly attend here in the Czech Republic. I’m very happy that the Medlánky Aeroklub didn’t cancel their Oldtimers Weekend this year. It’s likely to be the only airshow I get to see this year.

I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves and show you the atmosphere of the day:

2 thoughts on “Medlánky Oldtimers Weekend – 2020 Edition

  1. Wonderful, love that Aero 45. I think I also spy a Morava either taking off or landing in one of the images? Yes you’re right, airshows have become a very rare and endangered species. Nothing here in France or over there in Britain either, except for the odd ‘drive-in’. There are ambitious plans for 2021, but will they ever take place?

    1. You do indeed see a Morava taking off i one of those pictures.

      The two bigger shows in the Czech Republic have both been affected by COVID. The Pardubice show, in early summer was cancelled completely this year and the big NATO Days show that happens in Ostrava every September will have the static park element removed and an abreviated dynamic element broadcast on television.

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